~ Yet There Is Hope - Adopt A Child ~

Sponsor a Child & Save A Village!
Moore & More Ministries Inc.
by supporting the Nigeria Project!

Be a BIG Angel!
Bless, Inspire, & Give
$30 a month (Just $1 A Day)
can help a child in Nigeria, West Africa avoid hunger, thirst,
lack of education, aid epidemic, & premature death.

What are the Benefits of My Contributions?
Your Adopted Child will have...

  • Food and Water (many illnesses come from malnutrition)
  • Educational opportunities
  • Health care
  • An intimate relationship with you through letters, photos and
  • The comfort in knowing that someone care
  • The ability to encourage change in their country!

Without Food We Cannot Grow.

Without Water We Cannot Live.

Without Medical Care We Cannot Be Healthy.

Without Schools We Cannot Learn.

Without YOU We Cannot Survive!